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AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive

June 8, 2022

AI Guided Selling

AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive

Boost Your B2B And SaaS Sales Team Performance.

AI Guided Selling, Pipedrive

Boost Your B2B And SaaS Sales Team Performance.

Dealcode’s AI Guided Selling solution for Pipedrive analyzes your CRM data, identifies success patterns and provides tailored recommendations on how your team should best proceed towards closing the next deal.

Increase revenue and close more deals faster with AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive. Explore the Product.


There is a wealth of information embedded in your sales data. Dealcode uses artificial intelligence to unearth this valuable resource’s potential and helps your team better understand sales trends, performance and future opportunities.

Start making targeted improvements to your sales process and increase long-term scalability with data-driven actionable insights on sales activity, overall pipeline health and deals closed. AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive lets you keep a constant watch on key trends in sales cycles, activities per closed deal, average deal size and win rates %. Learn more about AI Sales Analytics.


AI Sales Forecasting

Artificial intelligences takes the guesswork out of gathering and gauging past sales performance data. Sales reps tend to rely on gut feeling when predicting sales outcomes. In today’s sales environment, rough estimates don’t translate into informed decision making. Accurate predictions in complex sales situations rely on data-driven, intelligent analysis of key metrics.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, automated sales forecasting provides projections based on data-driven winning probabilities and risk factors, not on gut feeling. Automated sales forecasts allow salespeople and business leaders to save time and make smarter planning decisions. Learn more about AI Sales Forecasting.


Sales Rep Productivity

In today’s increasingly complex day-to-day sales environment, sales reps are confronted with an ever-growing list of responsibilities. Despite organizing efforts of prioritizing tasks and tracking deals, reps often have difficulty deciding which activities to focus on next. Some resort to their own intuition and make decisions based on previous experience and stage in the sales cycle. Artificial intelligence helps teams bridge the gap between intuitive sales and data-driven selling.

AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive boosts individual sales rep productivity across the board with AI-based guidance throughout all stages of the sales process. It functions as a navigation system for sales, helping sales reps make the right decisions at the right times and ultimately close the deal. Learn more about Sales Rep Productivity.


Sales Activity Tracking

Knowledge of what contributed to a win is key to understanding how your sales organization can succeed in the future. Top performing sales teams focus their energy and resources on sales activities that deliver the best results. When utilized correctly, sales activity tracking is an invaluable tool which provides context for each sales outcome and insights into individual customer interactions as well as overall sales performance.

Ensure full visibility during evaluation with an account-centric view of sales metrics. Track customer engagement from the first point of contact and better understand your success and what drives revenue in your business. Learn more about Sales Activity Tracking.


Account Intelligence

Following the shift towards predominantly digital processes in sales, buyers are better informed than ever and expect a customer-friendly experience at each stage of the buying process. Effectively engaging with buyers involves gaining a thorough understanding of who the client is and what their pain points are through methods such as social selling.

AI Guided Selling solutions for Pipedrive such as Account Intelligence allow teams to easily establish a better understanding of your customer’s needs from the start to determine which topics you should be tackling in your next call or email. Learn more about Account Intelligence.


Sales Pipeline Management

Sales reps prioritize deals as best they can but often simply don’t have the time to analyze the sheer volume of sales data available to them. Instead, many salespeople focus their attention on the deals they’re currently working on. In a typical sales organization, that’s only around about 20% of the deals in the pipeline.

Dealcode ensures your team is focusing on the right deals at the right time. Effortlessly identify the high priority deals to watch and top deals at risk of being lost so your team can devote its full attention, energy and resources to the deals that matter most to you. Learn more about Sales Pipeline Management.


Account Engagement

Implementing a customer-centric sales approach to your sales process is the first step towards building lasting customer relationships. The next step is to establish key metrics to understand the quality of customer relationships and where to focus time and resources on going forward.

AI-driven Account Engagement interprets customer engagement data and identifies which interaction matters. Evaluate and better understand buyer-seller interactions and optimize engagement by finding the "ideal" mix of activities with AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive. Customer oriented initiatives such as these help to improve the customer experience and create value among client relationships. Learn more about Account Engagement.


All sales data holds value and can be leveraged with the right toolset. At the heart of every data-supported B2B sales system is the CRM. Sales reps tend to view manually entering sales activity data into CRMs as an unwelcome, time-consuming task. Instead, reps decide to focus on other sales activities because they move the sales process forward. However, this is precisely the kind of data that is particularly well-suited for automated collection.

AI-Powered Pipedrive CRM Automation lets you save time with automated entry of deal, activity and contact information and improve the quality of the data in your CRM, all without lifting a finger. Learn more about AI CRM Automation.


Sales Team Satisfaction

Pave the way for your team to drive revenue growth by understanding your sales rep's needs and vice-versa. Seller performance and team satisfaction go hand in hand. However, tracking and analyzing sales performance results in metrics and gauging overall team well-being both take up valuable time. How do heads of sales know where reps will excel the most? Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out of turning strategic placement opportunities into outcomes.

AI Guided Selling for Pipedrive automatically evaluates all previous successes and failures by individual team members across all sales processes. Data-driven analysis quickly reveals which verticals sales reps are best suited for based on previous experience. This lets you strategically position your team for success and showcase positive results, which improves overall motivation. Learn more about Sales Team Satisfaction.

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