October 4, 2022


Account Intelligence

Use customer data strategically to close deals faster.

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From the first touchpoint to deal closing, your sales team's every word is a match with the Account Intelligence tool. Account Intelligence provides sales reps with relevant information to help them close deals faster with customized, personalized solutions.

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Account Intelligence - Dealcode


1. Account Intelligence: Professionalize Your Conversions

Account Intelligence Professionalizes Your Sales Conversations from A to Z

In the data-driven selling of Sales 4.0, Account Intelligence solutions are already part of the standard repertoire. Dealcode's Account Intelligence feature is specifically designed to satisfy the demands of B2B sales teams in the SaaS industry. It supports the sales cycle throughout, from initial contact to closing a deal. For example, Account Intelligence helps to:

  • Find a suitable contact person.
  • Reach them via the communication channel with the highest response rate.
  • Keep an eye on the right timing for sales activities.
  • Always have a proper conversation starter.
  • Understand your negotiating partners better.
  • Respond to their needs in a targeted manner.
  • Present solutions specifically for their problems
  • Create a better overall customer experience and
  • Close sales faster

With account intelligence features, sales reps can convene prospects faster and close deals more efficiently.

2. Save Time

Save The Time Spent On Costly Research

Does your sales team also spend a lot of time researching essential information about prospects? In a recent German SaaS and B2B distributors survey, information gathering surprisingly ranked as salespeople's second most time-consuming activity. Nevertheless, the knowledge gained from their research is often not enough to keep them sufficiently informed about contact persons and company-relevant important figures.

Glad tidings: by 2022, sales reps will no longer have to scour social networks for relevant information about their potential customers - at least in sales organizations that already rely on account intelligence.

Account Intelligence tools continuously scan (industry-specific) media and social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, or Facebook. Thus, sales employees receive real-time automated and updated information about their negotiating partners and companies. The automatic provision of relevant information saves sales teams a lot of time, which can then be invested in sales activities.

3. Overview of Deals

Understand and Convince Prospects Thanks to Account Intelligence, incl. Individual Solutions

Does your sales team consistently know which challenges potential clients are currently facing and which topics you should address during the next contact?

Experienced sales reps know that standardized cold emails and prefabricated discussion guides have not been able to achieve maximum sales for a long time. Therefore, decision-makers are becoming increasingly demanding and autonomous. They are well-informed and are flooded by an ever-increasing range of software services daily.

What they are looking for are tailored solutions to their personalized problems. To do this, sales reps must be able to answer one question above all others: What are the specific needs of my customers?

Account intelligence shows precisely where the prospect's shoe pinches. Hence, with this knowledge, sales reps can:

  • Be close to the customer and provide individual advice.
  • Formulate customized solutions
  • Convince with professional expertise and
  • Cleverly negotiating while keeping an eye on the competition

Account Intelligence helps sales reps constantly focus their sales conversations on each customer's individualized wishes and needs - and to convince them.

4. Shorter Sales Cycles

Shorter Sales Cycles in B2B and SaaS Sales

Does your sales team put many different sales activities into an average deal, often over weeks or months? If so, how high would your revenue be if you could replace these with one or two well-prepared, intensive sales calls?

In theory, what sounds good is not so easy to implement in everyday sales. Often due to lack of time, sales reps are forced to jump into the cold negotiation water ill-prepared. They and their gut feeling - nothing else. In some cases, this can work, but good preparation is simply decisive for a deal in B2B sales with few exceptions.

Do you still lose many essential deals in your sales department but still invest time in them? Even the most successful salespeople are familiar with superficial sales talks that don't get them anywhere. This does not have to be the case.

As a matter of fact, sales teams that use Account Intelligence to approach customers with the right call preparation enjoy shorter sales cycles. Because the more precisely sales employees know the situation of their contacts and the associated company right from the start, the faster they can offer creative solutions.

From the first touchpoint to closing the deal, every word is a hit with Account Intelligence. Therefore, combining the right contact person, communication channel, and call preparation is more advantageous.

Next steps to boost your B2B and SaaS sales team performance:

1. Connect your existing CRM with just a few clicks
2. Identify your buyers' willingness to buy
3. Spot risks in your current sales pipeline
4. So, let Dealcode recommend what should be next

Start now for free. Ready to use in 1 minute. No, IT setup is required.

Get to know Dealcode’s AI Guided Selling Software and explore our product now!

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• Improve CRM data quality through intelligent enrichment
• Increase sales efficiency with AI-based outreach at scale

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“With dealcode AI's platform, we were able to send over 50,000 personalized 1:1 mailings shortly after onboarding. Such a volume would have required at least 20 additional employees, which was completely unrealistic. Dealcode AI therefore played a key role in helping us to achieve our sales targets quickly and efficiently. Especially the personal support and the consideration of our specific industry requirements should be emphasized.”

Adrian Lier

Head of Sales B2B at apo.com Group

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"With dealcode AI, we have revolutionized customer engagement, enhanced our sales efficiency and achieved remarkable success in a highly specialized market. dealcode AI demonstrates that we can achieve more, faster and more effectively than ever before."

Volker Hirsch

Head of Sales at RÖHM GmbH

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