October 11, 2022


Sales Pipeline Management Software

AI Sales Pipeline Management Software: Get complete pipeline visibility, identify sales trends & prioritize crucial deals in a flash.

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With the Sales Pipeline Management Software, never miss out on closing another lucrative deal by staying focused on the most important deals at the right time.

Do you regularly assess pipeline health, know where to spot quick wins in the sales funnel, and how best to seal the deal? AI-based Pipeline Management Software grants you full pipeline visibility at a glance, enabling you to identify trends in your sales and focus on the most important deals - all essential steps toward driving maximum revenue.

Get to know Dealcode’s AI Guided Selling Software and explore our product now!
Sales Pipeline Management


1. Full Visibility

Maintain Full Visibility With Pipeline Management Software

Do you always have an accurate gauge of the quality of your sales pipeline? AI-powered Pipeline Management Software assesses the state of your sales pipeline in real-time. This gives you data-driven insights into all essential key metrics:

  • Are there enough deals in the pipeline to reach your revenue targets?
  • Where is the potential for particularly quick sales?
  • Which lucrative deals are in danger of being lost?
  • Which deals are stalled and at risk?
  • Are there any unknown weaknesses in your sales force?

In today’s fast-paced B2B and SaaS sales environment, it's almost impossible for sales teams to stay on top of pipeline health without automated data analysis. The software takes into account all changes and activities related to your deals and pulls them into your analyses. One such example is changing customer requirements and market conditions that may impact your pipeline health.

2. Priorities

Prioritize Right With Pipeline Management Software

Does your sales team always set the right priorities and recognize quick-win opportunities? Surveys of B2B sales teams in the SaaS industry have shown that sales reps hardly prioritize. As a result, a considerable amount of time is spent on deals that are less important to your business goals than others. Worst case, you may end up losing some of the most important deals in your sales pipeline.

Dealcode's Pipeline Management Software brings the focus back to the essentials. The AI-based solution for SaaS and B2B sales objectively evaluates all deals in the sales pipeline based on various parameters, such as in terms of sales opportunities. On this basis, all deals are categorized according to priority.

The deals in your sales pipeline your sales team should focus on are declared "deals to watch". For example, these can be deals at risk or deals that are of particular importance to you. This way, all sales employees are always fully aware of which deals they should be actively pursuing.

3. Increased Sales Productivity

Increase Sales Productivity With Sales Pipeline Management Software

Where is there still room for improvement in your B2B and SaaS sales operation? The Sales Pipeline Management Software for HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive identifies trends in your sales processes and makes them visible to all.

Full pipeline visibility allows many sales teams a first glance into which strategies have the highest chances of success for which verticals. Conversely, teams know immediately which activities are less likely to bring you closer to your sales target. Additionally, Pipeline Management Software shows you which sales strategies your sales team is most productive with.

4. Sales Pipeline

Plan Your Sales Pipeline More Efficiently Than Ever Before With AI Forecasts

Do your projected sales for the next quarter match the state of your sales pipeline? Data-driven, strategic sales operations planning is essential to sustain maximum revenue. For optimized, efficient planning of your deals, sales activities, and the entire pipeline, you’ll need sound forecasts first.

By analyzing all previous deals, Dealcode's AI-powered Pipeline Management Software forecasts your expected sales numbers based on the deals in your pipeline with previously unheard-of precision. This way, you’ll always know if you're on track or if there currently aren't enough revenue opportunities in your sales pipeline.

With the Pipeline Management Software for HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, you’re always in full control of planning and expanding your sales pipeline.

Next steps to boost your B2B and SaaS sales team performance:

1. Connect your existing CRM with just a few clicks
2. Identify your buyers' willingness to buy
3. Spot risks in your current sales pipeline
4. Let Dealcode recommend what should be next

Start now for free. Ready to use in 1 minute. No IT setup is required.

Get to know Dealcode’s AI Guided Selling Software and explore our product now!

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