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What are Actionable Insights?

July 1, 2022

What are Actionable Insights?

Sales and AI terms from A – Z

Actionable Insights, Actionability, B2B, Sales

Actionable Insights are meaningful findings that result from analyzing data. They make it clear which actions need to be taken or how one should approach finding a solution to an issue.

Actionable Insights (or general: Actionability) are processed data sets that inform any direct, meaningful actions or next steps towards solving a problem based on the analysis of raw data. Frequently (over)used by businesses offering data-driven analytics tech solutions, the term may be confused with or misused to denote larger amounts of data or information derived from supplier’s solutions. Key distinctions between data, information and insights promote a clear understanding of the subtle differences between these forms of analytics. Data make up the unprocessed facts in quantitative (measured) or qualitative (observed) form. Information is prepared by organizing and processing data into a more user-friendly format that provides context. Insights are generated by analyzing information and drawing conclusions.

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