April 26, 2022

AI Guided Selling

Sales in Full Focus: 5 Deal Manager Benefits Sales Reps Shouldn’t Miss

Dealcode's AI Guided Selling Software feature Deal Manager helps sales reps refocus priorities and strategically positions them for success. The result? Better close rates and higher revenue.

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These 5 Deal Manager benefits help SaaS and B2B sales organizations drive more revenue.

More deals in the sales funnel automatically translates to more closings, right? Not exactly. Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up. More often than not, the more deals there are in the pipeline, the more confusing sales processes become, and activities seemingly start to lead nowhere. Does this situation ring any bells?

As part of Dealcode's AI Guided Selling Software, the Deal Manager feature (similar to a Task Manager or Sales Reps Dashboard) helps sales reps realign their focus and ensures they’re always in the right place at the right time. The result? Better close rates and higher revenue. Find out which Deal Manager benefits help sales reps here.

More Prospects in the Pipeline Equals Less Productivity

Would you bet on sales reps always knowing which story they told which customer and when? What do you think?

Automation is streamlining SaaS and B2B sales operations, yet it’s also adding to the complexity - everyday sales is getting noisy. Whereas it used to be common for sales reps to contact around ten prospects a day, that figure sits around 100 today thanks to automation processes, often far more. Some B2B and SaaS sales reps even have around 500 prospects in their pipeline at one time.

Today, it’s close to impossible to keep tabs on all sales essentials at once and maintain up-to-date knowledge on which phase of the sales cycle deals are currently in. Yet, precisely these types of information play such a crucial role in ensuring success in sales. Without the necessary degree of focus and attention to detail, sales activities lack a goal-orientated approach and far are less effective - no matter how many calls, cold mails and demos take place.

Automation in B2B and SaaS Sales Often Distracts From the Essentials

Automation is invaluable to B2B and SaaS sales are undoubtedly the right choice. But as automated processes merely increase the quantity, the quality of sales relationships often suffers - which eventually becomes apparent in low closing rates.

In B2B and SaaS sales, we often see this process play out with templated cold emails that are sent to many prospects at once. Nevertheless, sales teams don’t hit revenue forecasts because sales teams are losing sight of their most important deals as well as overall pipeline health.

Sales Reps Can’t Keep Track of Everything with CRMs Alone

Can you still keep track of deals and sales activities accurately and effectively? Is your to-do list always prioritized?

Even if sales reps track every sales activity in their Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM, they lack the strategic bird's-eye-view needed to answer the most important questions. What are the individual needs and challenges of my potential customers? What potential solutions have I already proposed?

To keep a watchful eye on these parameters at all times, B2B sales teams are gradually adding intelligent, smart technologies such as Sales Activity Tracking to their sales tech stacks. Solutions such as these allow for strategic and data-driven optimization of their daily B2B and SaaS sales operations. Core technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence shift the focus back to what matters most in highly automated processes. Take Dealcode’s Deal Manager, for example. The AI-supported Task Manager supports sales reps in their everyday sales work with predictive analyses in the following processes:

#1 Deal Manager Benefits: Key Sales Metrics at a Glance

In the fast-paced, task-heavy sales environment, the last thing sales teams need is a confusing flood of big data. In order to strategically drive business forward, it comes down to a few, but decisive key figures.

The Deal Manager doesn’t overwhelm sales reps with confusing data. Instead, it focuses specifically on the parameters that serve as a concrete decision-making aid for the next steps. Among others, these include:

Additional filter functions further assist in displaying the information most important in order to make the right decisions quickly. Deal Manager Benefits #1: Sales reps always have the data most relevant to them - clearly arranged and focused on only the essentials.

Benefits #2: Knowing the Ideal Mix of Sales Activities

The inboxes of decision makers are often just as full as those of sales reps.

That's why it's so important to choose activities wisely. Both the type of activities together with their frequency and timing are decisive. Without follow-ups at critical moments, deals are quickly lost. At the same time, it’s equally unproductive to follow up too quickly and or too often. Even with the most intelligent products and solutions, the push strategy has its limits.

In the Deal Manager, sales reps can see whether the activity rate and mix are in line with the ideal plan. For example, a sales rep is in week three of a six-week sales cycle, but activities to date are not on target for the current period. Reps can see this at a glance in Deal Manager using one key figure: the Risk Level.

Deals for which the parameters are not ideal are consequently classified as Deals at Risk and are visible as such for sales reps in the Deal Manager. This way, they know that it’s time to either take action or scale things down.

Real-time updates: Dealcode's AI Guided Selling Software continuously recalculates whether sales activities are on track with the ideal plan at any given time. With the Deal Manager, sales reps can keep an eye on risk levels in real-time.

Deal Manager Benefits: Die Vogelperspektive auf die Sales Pipeline hilft, den Fokus zu behalten.
With the Deal Manager, sales reps have a bird's-eye-view of all deals in the sales pipeline.

Deal Manager Benefits #3: Close Deals Faster with Smart To-Dos

Unlike in popular CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive, To Do's in Deal Manager are not just a set task or a calendar entry. Instead, Deal Manager's Smart To Do's show:

  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • Where do the dynamics do particularly well?
  • Which deals require immediate attention?

The Task Manager actively reminds sales reps when and where something needs to be done on short notice. For example: If the risk level of a deal is high and the probability of profit is low, the Deal Manager alerts reps that a certain action is required.

In short, the Deal Manager helps sales teams focus on the processes they’ve lost sight of, thus reducing the risk of losing the deal for good. In contrast, common CRMs only focus on long-term tasks such as scheduled appointments.

Based on the AI-powered software’s recommendations, sales reps can also create smart To Do's in the Task Manager to further remain ahead of the curve.

Benefits #4: Research Guide - Background Knowledge Fueling a Strategic Approach

The Deal Manager also makes use of a market and account intelligence tool. This keeps sales reps up-to-date on current events and developments surrounding their deals.

  • What news is there about a potential customer’s company?
  • Which decision-makers have changed their position?
  • Is the previous contact person currently on parental leave?
  • Which communication channels does the contact person prefer?
  • What topics does he or she talk about or seek information about?

Deal Manager data helps to find the right contact person and to reach them at a strategically meaningful moment along the right communication channel. Read here how you can strategically approach customers with Account Intelligence in 5 steps.

Deal Manager Benefits #5: Increase Sales Productivity with the Ideal Mix of Activities

Every day, sales teams spend a lot of time on activities that drive little to no business. To increase sales rep productivity, both sales managers and sales reps should be asking themselves the following questions:

  • How much time do individual activities take?
  • Which actions help accomplish goals faster?
  • How much time has been invested in a deal?

Sales teams that know these answers know which activities are more expensive and which are better suited to efficiently increase sales.

A tracking feature is also being developed for the Task Manager. This evaluates how much time is spent on which activities and when. Based on this data, sales teams can strategically increase their productivity.

Deal Manager for B2B und SaaS Sales: Try it for Free

Are you interested in optimizing your daily sales routine with an AI-powered task manager to close more deals faster?

AI Guided Selling Software with the Deal Manager is already available for Hubspot and Pipedrive CRMs. Book your free demo now without obligation to learn more:

  • Which features make everyday sales work easier?
  • Is the user interface designed to meet my needs?
  • What is the difference between Deal Manager and CRM?
  • What added value does the Task Manager offer sales reps directly in B2B and SaaS sales?

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