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Meet the Team - Dennis Hilger

October 25, 2021

Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Dennis Hilger

In our Meet the Team section we introduce our rockstars to you! Get to know Dennis Hilger, COO and Co-Founder of Dealcode.

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How would you explain your job and responsibilities at Dealcode to a friend?

As Co-Founder and COO I am mainly responsible for keeping the team happy and working efficiently. That's already working out pretty well, but of course we're a startup - so there are many more tasks besides these. And that's what I love about my job most - variety! No day is like the one before. And the beauty is that it's all about making everyone and everything a little better. So together we can accomplish the impossible. That's the kind of challenge I've been waiting for my whole life.

How would you describe your professional background before your time at Dealcode?

I have had the pleasure of being part of a great success story, in the B2B SaaS space, for the last 9 years. A success story in which Facelift grew from 10 to over 200 employees. And in all the time I had a lot of freedom to build my own department. During this work, I developed my passion to optimize people and processes - getting at least 1% better every day. As former Head of Sales, I pushed that to perfection for sales processes.

What are three hashtags that describe yourself?

Not an easy question... only three? I am a big fan of #IfYouCanDreamItYouCanDoIt. Of course the next one is within my DNA: #WeHackSales! But what I love most is #FamilyFun together with my beautiful wife and both kiddos.

Where do you prefer to work from?

Flexibly from anywhere. The only thing I really need is a good internet connection, some music and ideally freedom - maybe with a beautiful view! But the most important question is when and how i prefer to work.

And from where would you like to work for a while?

Especially during the cold months of the year coming up, I would love to work from somewhere else where it's warm. Spain would be great - no time shift and close by.

Please share a random fact about you.

If I need new energy, I go for a ride on an (electric) Onewheel!

If you would like to join Dennis on his Dealcode journey, you can find our current job openings here!

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