August 18, 2022

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Lost in the Sales Tools Jungle?

More and more sales teams are turning to digital sales tools. But why? And what should be considered when choosing a tool?

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How do you find out the "right" tool

The world of sales is subject to constant and exceptionally rapid change. Sales processes are changing and require sales staff to adapt and develop constantly. As in many other areas, digital solutions can help to overcome these challenges. However, in digital sales aids, like in other areas, "those who have a choice are spoiled for choice." A Google search for "digital sales software" results in 839 million hits. If you skim through them, the headlines promise to list the three, ten, or 260 best sales tools. Only occasionally do you find recurring tools in the associated articles. It quickly becomes clear that the search for suitable digital sales software is neither quick nor easy.

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What are Sales Tools, and why are they important?

The term sales tool is often used synonymously with sales technology or software. In general, we can say that these are software and applications (apps) that support sales. Sales tools are now available for every step of the sales process. The applications aim to relieve employees of one or more tasks or task areas, thus making their work easier. This is necessary because sales processes are becoming increasingly time-consuming due to their growing complexity. The tools and task relief are intended to save time in research activities or by automating processes.

Aren't all Sales Tools "right"?

Using the "wrong" tool can easily overlook the effort to simplify work and save time. When selecting a tool, ensure it is compatible with existing systems and processes. Another important consideration is the visibility of the added value that results from its application. User acceptance is frequently lacking when the added value is not visible and/or an incompatible tool is used, resulting in additional time and costs. As a result, selecting the right sales tool is critical to saving money and time, but how do you navigate the tool jungle?

The Sales Tools
Sales Tools analyzed in Startup Sales Stack Report

Let's go into the Tool Jungle.

A quick internet search on sales tools will yield numerous articles that will provide you with an initial overview of the tools available on the market. In doing so, the source of contributions should always be scrutinized. Tool distributors will always try to promote their products. Why should they recommend the competition to the reader as well? If you want to be a bit more independent in this, look for studies such as the one from Bowery Capital. The advantage of these is that they are usually very comprehensive and detailed. However, this is also a disadvantage because they take a long time to prepare. So, while the study is being written, the market is changing, and the timeliness of publication is limited.

Our tips so that you do not get lost in the tool jungle:

Preparation is half the battle

Before starting your in-depth research, make it clear what you want to achieve using the tool. What added value should the sales tools bring? What is your initial situation? For what purpose do you intend to use the tool?
Be sure to involve the sales staff in this preparation. Although the decision to use a tool is made by management, it is essential to involve the people who will later actively work with the tool. This increases user acceptance and promotes motivation.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Before you buy a sales tool, you should carry out a test version/trial if this possibility exists. You will not be able to test the tool 100% in 14 days, but you will get the first insight into whether it might be suitable, for example, in terms of usability.

Benefit from the experience of others

Experiences from others are beneficial in this situation. Maybe the person can't tell you the "right" tool, but knowing which tools are probably not suitable for you is also worth a lot. When it comes to benefiting from the experiences of others, we don't mean that you resort to the input of the tool provider. What is really valuable is objective insight from sales professionals who have already implemented and extensively tested various tools. Optimally, you can speak with a sales expert in person or participate in such an exchange. Often it is not easy to find experts who have already implemented various tools and are willing to share practical experience. But ...

... we wouldn't be Dealcode if we didn't know such an expert and invite her to exchange. In our next Sales Coffee, Janine Will- Director of Sales from Facelift- will be our guest. On 07 September 2022, Janine will face our questions and share insights into her practical world of sales tech. Don't miss this opportunity. Register now and join us starting at 9:00 am!

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