February 23, 2023


Dealcode AI Sales Message Generator- like ChatGPT for Sales

Say goodbye to the guesswork of sales messaging and enjoy increased engagement and success, as you connect with prospects on a deeper level with this advanced AI technology.

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Generate hyper-personalized sales messages with the power of AI, like ChatGPT, for sales.

Do you want to use an application like ChatGPT for Sales? With Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator, the state-of-the-art AI technology for sales, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming task! The task of manually crafting personalized sales messages, be it reach or follow-ups. Therefore, allowing sales experts to focus on closing more deals and building relationships with prospects and clients.

Get ahead of the competition and start using AI Sales Message Generator. Install the Chrome extension and watch your sales soar!


Discover Dealcode and the Revolutionary AI Sales Message Generator. Dealcode is a cutting-edge AI-powered sales software designed to help B2B companies improve their sales efforts. The innovative solution addresses the issue of sales teams spending significant time on ineffective activities by utilizing machine learning to provide the most crucial sales KPIs, including winning probability, activity mix, and risk level. This allows for a better deal, customer, and task prioritization, as well as improved sales communication through the use of^ the AI Sales Message Generator.

AI Guided Selling with Dealcode.
AI Guided Selling with Dealcode.

With Dealcode, sales teams can centralize and simplify their data, leading to a 30% increase in win rates. The AI Sales Message Generator revolutionizes sales outreach and follow-up by generating highly personalized messages 100x faster that convert 20x better, improving overall sales communication and results like ChatGPT for Sales.

Transform how your sales team operates with Dealcode's AI Guided Selling Software, including AI Sales Message Generator.


Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator first analyses prospects’ LinkedIn profiles. With this information and 200 million data points, it generates tailored hyper-personalized sales messages for your prospect. Our tool specifically revolutionizes the sales messaging process. Generating relevant and personalized messages quickly frees up valuable time to focus on other critical tasks. Additionally, the advanced technology behind the generator allows you to send targeted and customized messages to each prospect. This increases the chances of a positive response and boosts the overall sales results.

It extracts information and crafts messages tailored to reach out and follow-up messages to each individual. So, the generator ensures that your sales messages are relevant and highly personalized, increasing the likelihood of a positive response. Whether you’re a sales professional or run a sales team, our tool will help you achieve better results faster and more efficiently.

Compose hyper-personalized messages with 1 click.
Compose hyper-personalized messages with 1 click.


Improve your sales results and increase your conversion rates by 20x. The message generator analyzes prospects’ LinkedIn profiles and creates tailored messages and follow-ups that resonate with them on a deeper level. Therefore, resulting in higher engagement and more successful outcomes. You’ll save time and effort while significantly boosting conversion rates and achieving better sales results.


To begin with, your prospects are a valuable resource for your business! Moreover, using the AI message generator is crucial when tapping into their potential. The Dealcode AI Sales Message Generator uses profile data to generate highly personalized sales messages that resonate with prospects. Consequently, leading to higher engagement, more successful outcomes, and improved conversion rates. Additionally, by exploring your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles, you better understand their needs, preferences, and professional affiliations to generate tailored, relevant sales messages.


An effective strategy for generating leads online is personalizing your approach when reaching out to potential clients. This is where Dealcodes’ Chrome Extension, like ChatGPT for Sales! Our AI Sales Message Generator analyzes each recipient’s profile quickly to understand their needs, interests, and pain points.

Analyzing your prospect's LinkedIn profile, the AI generates a personalized message
Analyzing your prospect's LinkedIn profile, the AI generates a personalized message.

So, with this information, the tool crafts non-templated, personalized, and engaging conversations. Those messages are to address their specific concerns and showcase your understanding of their industry and business. By tailoring your approach to each recipient, you can increase the chances of generating qualified leads. This is because you demonstrate that you have the expertise and solutions they seek. Resulting in a more efficient and effective lead generation process, saving you time and helping you connect with prospects on a deeper level.


To maximize reply rates, it is essential to craft focused follow-up messages that address each recipient's specific needs and interests. Therefore, this targeted approach increases the likelihood of getting a response and shows your understanding of their industry and business. Moreover, using personalized and relevant messages, you can build a stronger connection with your prospects and show them that you have the expertise and solutions they are looking for. The result is a more efficient and effective lead generation process, with higher reply rates and improved conversion rates. So, with the right follow-up strategy, you can take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level and achieve your business goals.

Generate Follow-Ups with 1 click
Generate Follow-Ups with one click.


Our tool is valuable for sales teams looking to improve their satisfaction and confidence in messaging. With its ability to analyze customer needs, generate tailored and engaging messages, and maximize reply rates, the AI Sales Message Generator- like ChatGPT for Sales- helps sales reps to be more productive and effective in their outreach efforts. Above all, by using the tool, sales teams can focus on building lasting customer relationships and delivering high-quality messaging that resonates with their prospects. This leads to increased sales, improved conversion rates, and a more satisfying and successful sales experience for the entire team. With the AI Sales Message Generator, sales teams can feel confident in their outreach efforts and be more productive in their role.


The AI Sales Message Generator is revolutionizing the way sales teams approach messaging. Its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities allow for a more personalized and targeted approach to sales messaging. Firstly, by analyzing the profiles of prospects, the tool understands their specific needs and interests. Thus, enabling sales teams to craft messages that resonate with their target audience. Consequently, resulting in a more efficient and effective sales process that saves time and increases the quality of sales messaging. The AI Sales Message Generator is helping sales teams take their messaging to the next level and build lasting customer relationships.

By entering information about your product, the messages are perfectly tailored to your team -just like chatgpt for sales
By entering information about your product, the messages are perfectly tailored to your team.


An AI Sales message generator can revolutionize your sales team's operations, boosting productivity and streamlining the lead generation process. Using cutting-edge technology, the generator analyzes each recipient's profile to craft non-templated, personalized, and engaging conversations quickly. This saves your sales reps time, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks and increasing their overall efficiency. The result is a more productive sales team. A team that can reach more prospects generates more qualified leads and ultimately close more deals. With its ability to tailor messages to each recipient and generate highly relevant and personalized conversations: the AI Sales message generator is a game-changer for any sales organization looking to streamline its processes and increase overall productivity.


Just like ChatGPT for Sales, trained on more than 200 million data points, it generates Emails and LinkedIn Messages via AI. See the power of Dealcode AI Message Generator in action with this YouTube video. Watch as we demonstrate how our state-of-the-art AI technology revolutionizes sales messaging, generating highly personalized emails and LinkedIn messages for your prospects.

Demo on the AI sales message generator
Are you tired of writing the same sales messages over and over again? Let our AI Sales Message Generator do the work for you! Install the Chrome extension today.

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Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator- wie ChatGPT für Sales

Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator- wie ChatGPT für Sales

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AI Sales Message Generator- like ChatGPT for Sales

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dealcode AI Companion Top Features

• Search and save contacts on LinkedIn
• Enrich and capture business contact data
• Eliminate repetitive and manual tasks
• Improve CRM data quality through intelligent enrichment
• Increase sales efficiency with AI-based outreach at scale

B2B sales teams work efficiently with dealcode AI

“With dealcode AI's platform, we were able to send over 50,000 personalized 1:1 mailings shortly after onboarding. Such a volume would have required at least 20 additional employees, which was completely unrealistic. Dealcode AI therefore played a key role in helping us to achieve our sales targets quickly and efficiently. Especially the personal support and the consideration of our specific industry requirements should be emphasized.”

Adrian Lier

Head of Sales B2B at apo.com Group

"Jungmann Systemtechnik is currently experiencing a revolution in sales with dealcode AI. In a short period, we have achieved significant successes, including hundreds of qualified leads and valuable appointments that have opened up new business horizons for us. The results far surpass previous attempts, and we are excited about the opportunities now available to us. Due to the successes we have achieved with dealcode AI, the next step is to expand the project to additional countries. We are convinced that this is just the beginning of an extraordinary success story."

Dirk Lüders

Marketing & Sales Director International at Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

"With dealcode AI, we have revolutionized customer engagement, enhanced our sales efficiency and achieved remarkable success in a highly specialized market. dealcode AI demonstrates that we can achieve more, faster and more effectively than ever before."

Volker Hirsch

Head of Sales at RÖHM GmbH

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