November 11, 2021

Meet the Team - Mara Sophie Meyer

In our Meet the Team section we introduce our rockstars to you! Get to know Mara Sophie Meyer, Online Marketing Manager at Dealcode.

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How would you explain your job and responsibilities at Dealcode to a friend?

I am in charge of online communication on social media and on our website. That means that I plan and create content, define measures on how to increase traffic on our channels and make our product and company visible to the outside.

How would you describe your professional background before your time at Dealcode?

I hold a Master’s degree in Communication and have professional experience in Online Marketing, especially content management, social media management and e-recruiting. In my former job as a research associate I worked on a project on how touse AI in culture and arts.


Which three hashtags would you use to describe yourself?

#Openminded #PeoplePerson #DoMoreOfWhatMakesYouHappy


 Where do you prefer to work from?

To work productively I really only need my laptop, my headphones and some calm piano music. Listening to calm piano sounds immediately boosts my concentration - no matter where I am.


 And from where would you like to work for a while?

It’s hard to pick only one location. There are so many places I could see myself working from and doing some exploring after work is done. An absolute dream would be to work with spectacular seaviews in Croatia, Spain or Greece! (Of course only with my headphones.)


Please share a random fact about you.

You would like a random fact? Alright… When I was a child I started to count syllables while reading short texts, street signs or when listening to people talk. It might sound crazy but I never really stopped so now I am able to read / listen and count syllables simultaneously. I don’t know if this weird talent will ever get me anywhere but it for sure is a good brain training.

If you are interested in joining the Marketing team at Dealcode please feel free to check out our current job openings!

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