August 30, 2022

Industry Interview

Inspiration and Dialogue with Janine

As Facelifts Director Sales, Janine is a true professional. But how did she get there and what makes her so special as a person in her job? Get to know Janine in our interview.

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Janine Will is a true sales professional and has extensively tested many sales tools in practice as the Director of Sales at Facelift bbt.
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To get to know Janine and her role as a sales leader, I had the chance to interview her.

 Janine - Sales Leader
Janine Will - Director of Sales at Facelift

How did you come to Sales? Who or what inspired you the most to be the person you are today?

During my childhood, my family and friends taught me that you could only spend the money you earned. It sounds logical, right? But it is not at all. Most people work and stay home sick when they are sick, making a regular salary and living everyday life. My childhood experience, surrounded by many self-employed people, taught me to work hard, and the “result would be seen in my wallet” 😉 and maybe be able to exert more effort than in regular life. But this in-depth learning came up once I was in a position to spend money without seeing, feeling or experiencing a direct value-based outcome. That was the time when I decided to go into Sales and directly influence the effort of my work 😉. What to say – I stayed, became successful and still love it.

What skill should every salesperson have when applying to join your team or, in general, at Facelift?

Well, in my opinion, it is neither a skill but rather a mindset you need to bring. When applying for a Sales or SDR position, you shall have the mindset “to win.” Winning, in this case, means – I want to convince the potential customer to go into in-depth talks with or to start working with Facelift. It would be best if you were willing to make a deal. Talking about a leading position, I think you need to bring the skill of empathy and the willingness to develop your team, yourself and the company further.

How do you determine the success of your sales team?

That is an easy one 😁: by revenue.

Obviously, there are other KPIs to consider, but to be honest, the revenue generated by the sales team is the most important.

40% of sales professionals enjoy staying at their job for only 1-2 years. How do you retain talent? (article)

Facelift has created a fantastic culture – the Facelift family! This culture allows every employee to be themselves while also supporting them in developing their strengths and contributing to the company's overall success. When I talk to applicants, they rarely believe this. But once they're in the office and see what it's like to collaborate on a common goal and be asked to bring in their experience, they get it!

On top of that, we've implemented employee development dialogues and the strength finder to truly develop each employee as an individual based on their strengths and along a personal career path.

And, for those still sceptical, we have implemented a 100% flexible working place and working time agreement, allowing us to perform a certain number of days per year from abroad! This is unique and provides for an excellent Me-Life-Work-Balance, even in Sales.

What is your most significant pain as a Sales leader?

I believe this is impatience! I'm getting better with practice, but I'm still one of the most impatient people I know 😊. This skill allows me to keep an eye on the big picture, keep the driver in the driver's seat, and find the best way to lead my teams.

In a professional matter – not having that one Sales tool offering everything per my needs.

Do you like CRM systems? Why or why not?

I am a big fan of CRM systems. They not only prove that we have worked and what we have done but also allow us – by interpreting the numbers – to become better, faster and more successful.

What was your biggest challenge in your professional career? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was trusting in myself. Well, I am a woman, and although I am grown up by having been given all the chances a single person can have, I still thought I would never be as good as a man and always must work extra hard.

Luckily, I chose the right profession with a proper mindset and learnt very fast that I am really good at my job and can go further, further, and further. On top I did not only have great mentors – thank you, guys!!!! But also a fantastic husband next to me, supporting me, strengthening me and giving me the security to try (and luckily not fail 😉).

Gartner says women hold just one in five sales leadership positions (article). Why do you think this happens? How would you solve it?

Uh – I love this question! That is my favorite topic.

As mentioned before, women still often think– “can I really do this?” And also, we are promoting diversity and equal treatment everywhere. Everyone is still living and promoting the classic, old role system. How many men take care of the laundry? Or have they started cooking during corona? Are they going on paternity leave, or are they staying at home to support the career of their beloved partners?

So how shall women become strong leaders when they never learn to trust themselves and can easily hand over the classical women's tasks in their private life? The whole society needs to adjust its mindsets to get this problem solved.

Why do you think it’s important for more women to join the tech industry?

Why should one single industry not be fascinating for women? In my mind, there should not be any limits for women at all. Everyone should do what they want and like to make work not feel like work but easy to handle.

How do you push for systematic change around new sales ideas in the market and for the new generation?

Honestly, I am not pushing for any new sales idea to be directly implemented. I monitor them very closely and consider what is really in for me, my team, and the company. It can be significantly harmful to move in the wrong direction with an entire team, so I am constantly testing with a small group or even a single person first to monitor the results closely and decide upon the “MVP” if adjustments are needed, the new ideas are worth being rolled-out or if they just need to be thrown away.

How do you stay current with sales industry trends? (top 3 sales sites)

  • Skaled: The Modern Seller
  • Latest, mostly American Sales books
  • Many LI stories

What advice would you give to your 24-year-old self?

Dear Janine, trust yourself! You can do this and do not need to doubt anything – keep on going!

Thank you!

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Inspiration und Dialog mit Janine

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