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Dealcode for B2B sales in SaaS companies

How AI guided selling supports sales teams to win more deals

Finding the right sales representatives for a software-as-a-service company can be a challenging mission. According to Statista Technology Market Outlook, the global market for software from the cloud will almost double by 2025. Appropriately trained staff has been scarce until now. Nowadays tech professionals are not only being courted by B2B SaaS providers such as Salesforce or Microsoft, but also enterprises from other industries are wooing the tech talent of tomorrow as part of their digitalisation strategies. The labour market has not kept up with the pace of digitalisation for a long time. Schools and universities in Europe are nowhere near the level of technology in terms of equipment and offerings that would be required today. The number of digital professionals entering the labour market is correspondingly low.

Source: Statista Technology Market Outlook

B2B SaaS companies who want to master this challenge, cannot avoid training their own sales and marketing staff. But the agility and innovative power of the software industry itself also require companies to constantly reinvent themselves. Appropriate education and training are indispensable for digital specialists in order to survive in the growth market of software providers. 


In addition to excellent industry knowledge, successful sales for B2B SaaS products also requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and organizational skills for a perfectly managed sales processes. The purchasing of software-as-a-service products is also changing. More and more prior knowledge of other tools and comparison platforms such as Capterra, G2 or OMR Reviews ensure that the sales process becomes more and more demanding. B2B SaaS customers are well pre-informed about features and pricing and want to shorten or bypass as many provider-planned stages of the sales process as possible. In fact, a study by Gartner found that B2B buyers spend only 17% of the time in the buying decision process with potential vendors. If several solution providers are compared, the proportion per supplier even drops to just 5% to 6% of the time. Appropriate know-how on the part of the sales manager is essential at this point in order to meet the potential customer at eye level and not lose the customer to the competition. The customer quickly notices the expertise of the sales contact and whether the process on the supplier side is professionally structured.

Sales representatives nowadays have few opportunities to influence B2B purchasing decisions

For B2B sales representatives of SaaS tools, depending on the deal size, it is not uncommon to manage a high double-digit or event triple-digit number of business opportunities at the same time. Of course, all these potential customers are at different stages of the sales process and thus vary greatly in the attention they require. Nevertheless, software-as-a-service companies lose millions of dollars in revenue every year as sales representatives turn away from potential customers at the wrong moment and thus miss the momentum to close a deal successfully.

Orchestrating the sales process in perfection and taking the right steps with the right timing are essential if you want to succeed as a sales professional at scale.

Simultaneously orchestrating a bunch of  prospects is critical to success in B2B SaaS sales

Dealcode enables B2B SaaS sales representatives managing the sales process and not losing speed and the focus they need. AI-driven analyses compare anonymously where a candidate differs from the top salespeople in their own company. Sales representatives also gain insights where they invest too much or too little time in a potential customer and receive recommendations on how to better structure their workdays.

Based on these analyses, we develop a personal guided coaching profile that enables the Dealcode app to provide salespeople with valuable tips and educational content. If required, the Dealcode Sales Coach Finder will also introduce appropriate coaches who can support the desired performance improvement.

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