#WeHackSales 2023

Sales AI Networking Event

Join us for a day of great connections and networking in Hamburg.
25th April 2023 │ 12:30 pm - 05:00 pm  
BZ - Business Center Hamburg│19,00 EUR
1. Excellent 1:1 networking opportunities
2. Network with sales and AI experts
3. Generate innovative ideas for your business
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Join us to meet and mingle with other leading AI and sales experts

Let’s talk about what tomorrow's sales will look like and how we can leverage ChatGPT and AI in sales.


✓ Highly professional organized networking opportunities 

✓ Exciting personalities and experts from the fields of sales and AI 

✓ Delicious snacks and great coffee 

✓ A wonderful view over the harbour front of Hamburg

Ragnar Kruse

Co-Founder of AI.STARTUP.HUB

Startup-Expert &

Frederik Schröder

CEO & Co-Founder @moinAI

Sales Advisor & 

Gunnar Brune

Founder @Tricolore Marketing

Business-Innovator &

Alexandra Bonk

Product Marketing @Dealcode

Sales Advisor & 


#WeHackSales is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to meet other sales and AI experts and who wants to learn in a short period of time what impressive possibilities innovation technology offers for tomorrow's sales. Whether you're just starting out or you're an established sales leader. You'll find something valuable at this event.


Alexander Weltzsch - CEO & Co-Founder @ Dealcode GmbH

Ina Börner - CEO & Founder @ NO DIRTY TALK GmbH

Alexander Rühle - CEO & Co-Founder @ zapliance

Ragnar Kruse - Co-Founder @ AI.STARTUP.HUB

Isabel Zernig - Inside Sales Specialist @ zapliance

Dennis Hilger - COO & Co-Founder @ Dealcode GmbH

Jaqueline Rußbüldt - Strategic Enterprise Sales @ DocuSign

Gunnar Brune - Founder @ Tricolore Marketing

Frederik Schröder - CEO & Co-Founder @ moinAI


Join us, get inspired by the latest sales strategies and innovative tech and AI trends

and make valuable new contacts for your business.

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12:30 pm
Doors open & Opening

01:30 - 02:00 pm 
Keynote I

Ragnar Kruse, State of AI

02:00 - 03:15 pm
Networking I

03:15 - 03:45 pm
Keynote II

Alexander Weltzsch, The AI Sales Revolution

03:45 - 05:00 pm
Networking II

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Paula D.
Paula D.
Strategic Account Director, Hootsuite Media Germany GmbH
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Karoline S.
Karoline S.
Head of Pre-Sales, Leadvolution GmbH
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Romain L.
Romain L.
Chief Revenue Officer, flair.hr GmbH
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Benjamin S.
Benjamin S.
Member of the Advisory Board, UNITED Marketing Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
"Dealcode is the solution that had always been missing. Team and product are something I just had to invest in when the opportunity presented itself."
Joerg R.
Joerg R.
Managing Director, APX - Axel Springer Porsche
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Michael S.
Michael S.
Director Enterprise Sales, Adobe Systems GmbH
"As a manager for many years, I know the challenges of B2B sales very well. Dealcode provides a solution to a real problem that many sales teams face. I've rarely seen a solution with such a clear focus."
Ina B.
Ina B.
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