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What is Dealcode?

August 25, 2022

What is Dealcode?

Sales and AI terms from A – Z

Dealcode, AI Guided Selling, B2B, Sales

Dealcode is the #1 AI Guided Selling Software For B2B Sales Teams to boost win-rates and revenue.

Using machine learning, Dealcode solves the problem of sales teams spending 50% of their time on the wrong tasks, leaving money on the table. Dealcode predicts the likelihood of closing a deal, recommends the next best activity and assesses the current risk of a deal to better prioritize customers and tasks. As a cockpit for every frontline seller, it centralizes and simplifies all data for operational sales and increases win-rates over 30%.

Successfully close the next deal with AI-Guided Selling Software

Download our eBook: Intelligent Navigation System for B2B and SaaS Sales for free and learn how to win more deals faster with AI Guided Selling Software.

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