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Meet the Team - Alexander Weltzsch

February 3, 2022

Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Alexander Weltzsch

Get to know our CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Weltzsch

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Meet Alexander Weltzsch
CEO & Co-Founder of Dealcode an AI Guided Selling Software

How would you explain your job and responsibilities at Dealcode to a friend?

I am founder and CEO of Dealcode. Dealcode is an AI guided Selling Software for B2B and SaaS sales teams. This is why I have a kind of 24/7 job, which is actually the best thing I can imagine. As a founder, you have to keep several balls in the air at the same time. One moment you're dealing with the future of the product, then you have to take care of recruiting and conducting interviews and in the next meeting you're talking to investors and have to report numbers. That keeps your brain busy and is also what I am passionate about. I love the versatility of my role.

How would you describe your professional background before/beyond your time at Dealcode?

Somehow, I have been an entrepreneur over the last 15 years. Already during my studies, I started my own business in consulting. That's also how I met the founders of Facelift - a German SaaS company where I always had a lot of freedom and room for creativity.  I always liked this idea of being an "entrepreneur within a company" and this was probably one of the main reasons why I stayed with Facelift for 9 years.

In the last years, I worked as  Chief Sales Officer (CSO) in the B2B and SaaS industry. During this periode I already felt that an essential tool was missing. A tool which would let me know how my pipline health is doing, which deals are at risk and if my team is currently focusing on the right deals. Having this in mind and while working as CSO, my colleague, Dennis Hilger, and I came up with the idea of creating such tool: AI Guided Selling Software. From today's perspective I would say this time was the perfect warm-up for the foundation of Dealcode.

What three hashtags would you use to describe yourself?


Where do you prefer to work from?

Where I get things done. All I need is a productive working environment. This can be at home, in the office, in a coffee shop or a meeting room. It just has to be output-driven.

And where would you like to work for a while?

If there is wifi, in a tree house apartment. I like nature and love to look into the green. It is incredibly relaxing and boosts my creativity. And I also love to be active in the mountains for biking or hiking.  The best ideas always come to me when I'm on the move. So I would have a great environment. The question is whether there is also a tree house kindergarten where our son could go at this time :-D

Photo by Alexander Lemann on Unsplash

A random fact about you:

At home with my family I am not the boss but the chef ;-) I love to cook, try new dishes and vary ingredients in a new way. Recipes are often more inspiration than instruction for me. And my family loves it.

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