Meet the Team - Marius Margowski

October 21, 2021

Meet the Team - Marius Margowski

In our Meet the Team section we introduce our rockstars to you! Get to know Marius Margowski, Lead SaaS Architect at Dealcode.

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How would you describe your professional background before your time at Dealcode?

I hold a Master's degree in computer science and before working at Dealcode I worked in different companies all over Germany as a developer and salesforce consultant. As CTO of a venture capital I was in charge of supporting startups in developing their IT products. My learnings from this experience include the dos and don'ts that startups need to watch out for in their product development.

How would you explain your job and responsibilities at Dealcode to a friend?

As Director Software Engineering at Dealcode I am the interface between business, software development and data science. I put together all puzzle pieces to the best possible final result.

As we live a remote first approach at Dealcode our team has the possiblity to work from anywhere. Where do you prefer to work from?

To work successfully I only need my laptop, then I can work from anywhere. When I'm doing a lot of coding, I prefer to work from home as I have big screen available there.

And where would you like to work for a while?

I would love to travel to Thailand to visit friends and work from there for a while.

Please share a random fact about you

I work most productively when it is still dark outside (and by that I mean early in the morning).

If you are interested in working together on a team with Marius please feel free to check out our current job openings!

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