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B2B Sales Lead Generation Tool at scale.

💥 Lead Prospecting made easy. Optimize your lead generation strategy with our tool.

💯 Generate leads within your target industry. We do all the heavy lifting.

🎯 Target them with AI boosted email campaigns with multiple touchpoints. Hyperpersonalized email outreach at scale!

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Save time and money with our lead generation solution

1. Lead Generation

  • Analyze your existing customer to find your ideal customer profile.
  • Generate hundreds of potential B2B prospects out of this analysis.
  • Ongoing smart lead sourcing via CLG flywheel by using AI automation and all existing sources.

2. Lead Qualification

  • Identify your specific buying personas including contact information from public sources.
  • Analyse your customer needs to create engaging messages.
  • Interpret each specific contact background via AI analysis of personal information.

3. Smart Mailing

  • Set up AI triggered follow-up emails at the best timing based on user engagement.
  • Customise 1:1 communication to persuade decision maker for a first meeting.
  • Dealcode AI directly adapts all previous steps continuously as we learn from your best cases.

Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software


We provide a fully automated sales process that allows you to build a scalable sales pipeline. Save the money that you would otherwise spend on ineffective cold calling or expensive ads. Dealcode AI is the autopilot for your outbound sales and ensures an always busy sales pipeline in your sales team.

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