Dealcode - AI Guided Selling for Medium Sized Companies


Maximize your success with pinpoint deal probabilities, to focus on promising opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curve by catching deals that might otherwise slip away unnoticed.

Elevate your strategy with AI-driven next step recommendations

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1. Understand why you are successful

Central Dashboard: One-stop for all crucial sales metrics.

Insightful Analysis: Gauge team success and identify areas of improvement.

Impact Assessment: Determine the key factors influencing won or lost deals.

2. Dealcode AI recommendations: Boost your efficiency

Time Efficiency: Address the 40% time misallocation on incorrect deals.

Target Precision: Ensure engagement with the right prospects.

Optimal Timing: With Dealcode, align conversations at the right moments.

3. Use AI sales forecasting to your advantage

Focus on the right deals: Our deal forecasting gives you a winning probability.

Spot deals at risk: The AI draws your attention to deals that might slip through.

Unseen Precision: Achieve your most precise forecast ever. Based on data and AI.

What Is An AI Guided Selling Software And How Does Dealcode Help Me Sell?

Dealcode AI: Revolutionizing B2B Sales with AI-Guided Deal Management

Dealcode is a premier Deal Management Software tailored for B2B enterprises. Our AI-Guided Selling Software harnesses the power of machine learning to address the challenge of sales teams dedicating half their time to unproductive tasks, resulting in missed revenue opportunities. With Dealcode's deal forecasting capabilities, businesses can accurately predict the chances of sealing a deal. Our platform not only recommends the next best sales activity but also evaluates the current risk associated with a deal, enabling teams to better prioritize clients and tasks. Serving as a comprehensive deal pipeline software, Dealcode consolidates all essential sales data, simplifying it for frontline sellers. As a result, operational sales become more streamlined, boosting win-rates by over 30%. Experience the future of AI-Guided Selling with Dealcode.

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