Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software

AI Sales Message Generator - like ChatGPT for LinkedIn

Revolutionize sales outreach and follow-ups with Dealcode's AI Sales Message Generator.

Compose highly personalized messages 100x faster that convert 20x better.

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Send hyper personalized 1-on-1 messages to potential customers at scale

Easy to use

Simply download the chrome extension for free, search for people on Linkedin and create personalized messages in one click, that people actually respond to, in seconds.

Made by Sales Experts

Built on successful sales processes and data science: Our unique Dealcode Sales AI has been trained with more than 200m sales data points and evidence based research.


Avoid hours of research and manual writing. Our AI engine allows you to save time and increase efficiency by automating the tedious task of generating personalized conversations.

Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software

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Suitable for individual SDRs, BDRs, Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, Sales Teams, Business Owners and anyone who wants to engage new customers with their products and services. 

Based on years of experience and analysis of successful sales processes, it helps you choose the right approach for each of your potential customers.

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