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Build a Predictable Sales Pipeline with Dealcode AI

Prospecting is exhausting but crucial..

Remove the uncertainty whether new expensive employees perform. Automate your pre-sales process now. Generate qualified meetings at scale without tedious cold calling or expensive ads.

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Not enough deals in your sales pipeline? in 3 Steps dealcode solves this problem!

1. Lead Generation

  • Analyze your existing customer to find your ideal customer profile.
  • Generate hundreds of potential B2B prospects out of this analysis.
  • Ongoing smart lead sourcing via CLG flywheel by using AI automation and all existing sources.

2. Lead Qualification

  • Identify your specific buying personas including contact information from public sources.
  • Analyse your customer needs to create engaging messages.
  • Interpret each specific contact background via AI analysis of personal information.

3. Smart Mailing

  • Set up AI triggered follow-up emails at the best timing based on user engagement.
  • Customise 1:1 communication to persuade decision maker for a first meeting.
  • Dealcode AI directly adapts all previous steps continuously as we learn from your best cases.

Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software

Unlock Sales Success

Do you already have a fully automated pre-sales process running, that allows you to build a scalable sales pipeline?

Or do you still hire more and more employees who cost a lot of money by trying to arrange appointments via annoying cold calls and repetitive tasks?

Start generating qualified meetings at scale now!

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