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Understand what brings success

Your central dashboard for all important sales figures. What is working in your sales process? What are the benchmarks for a team's success? Where do you need to improve? Understand what really has an impact on won or lost deals?

Best sales forecasting ever

Are your sales forecasts or those of your team far too vague? Time to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence for data-driven forecasting. See what your pipeline is really worth and deliver the best forecast ever.

Efficiency boost for your sales team

Your team is investing 40% of its time in the wrong deals. Either because they're working on the wrong prospects or because they're talking to customers at the wrong time. With Dealcode, you put the focus on the right deals.

Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software

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Suitable for individual SDRs, BDRs, Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, Sales Teams, Business Owners and anyone who wants to engage new customers with their products and services. 

Based on years of experience and analysis of successful sales processes, it helps you choose the right approach for each of your potential customers.

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