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Predictive Sales Analytics for HubSpot. Up and running in just 3 minutes.

Predictive Sales Analytics for Pipedrive. Up and running in just 3 minutes.

Predictive Sales Analytics for your CRM. Up and running in just 3 minutes.

Determine your prospects' readiness to buy as well as risks in your sales pipeline. Using Artificial intelligence for sales has never been easier.

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Which activities impact success and failure?

Your central dashboard for all important sales figures. What is working in your sales process? What are the benchmarks for a team's success? Where do you need to improve? Understand what really has an impact on a won or lost deal?

The best sales forecasting ever

Are your sales forecasts or those of your team far too vague? Time to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence for data-driven forecasting. See what your pipeline is really worth and deliver the best forecast ever.

Efficiency boost for your sales team

Your team is investing 40% of its time in the wrong deals. Either because they're working on the wrong prospects or because they're talking to customers at the wrong time. With Dealcode, you put the right focus and make your sales team measurably more effective.

15% faster deal closing

with Activity Diagnostics

30% higher productivity

with Pipeline Health

20% better win rates

with Won Deal Insights



Paula D.

Strategic Account Director
Hootsuite Media Germany GmbH

"Dealcode helps me focus on the most important deals at the right time and shows which activities have the biggest impact on closing."

Karoline S.

Head of Pre-Sales
Leadvolution GmbH

"Dealcode gives me much better visibility into the state of my team's sales pipeline and allows me to manage the team more effectively."

Romain L.

Head of Sales
flair.hr GmbH

"Dealcode can dramatically increase productivity and ROI by bringing the most important deals and tasks to the forefront."

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