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Increase Sales Team Satisfaction in Your Sales Department With Just One Tool: AI Guided Selling

The Sales Team Satisfaction in your B2B and SaaS sales plays a crucial role in achieving revenue targets and retaining your best sales reps in your organ

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Make Your Sales Team Competitive With The Right AI Technology

To what extent have you already equipped your B2B and SaaS sales team to play by the new rules of sales 4.0? Since 2020, developments toward automated, AI-powered sales have accelerated rapidly.

Sales managers are now challenged to adapt their processes to the new conditions of the sales landscape with the right technologies to remain competitive in general and be attractive to young talents like Millennial sales reps.

25% of Millennials in B2B and SaaS sales said in a Deloitte study that they plan to change jobs within a year. According to Gartner, the fundamental approach to increasing Millennial sales rep satisfaction is to give them access to the best technologies. The linchpin here is artificial intelligence.

Glad tidings: You don't need a lot of different tools to maximize your sales team's satisfaction. On the contrary, with a solution designed explicitly for B2B and SaaS sales needs, like Dealcode's AI Guided Selling software, you have a complete package that easily connects to your Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM.

Realistic Goals and Prioritization - Increase Sales Team Satisfaction

Clearly communicated, realistic goals are an absolute prerequisite for sales team satisfaction. But how do you arrive at actionable goal definitions? Dealcode's AI Guided Selling software evaluates all your previous deals.

With a subsequent analysis of the current deals in your sales funnel and its information, the AI-based software calculates whether the sales reps are on track to achieve their sub-goals for your sales units. This information includes the funnel's deal volumes, win probabilities and other success-critical parameters. Whether the teams are on track with their sales closings to date is visible to your sales reps in real-time in the Deal Manager, the sales reps' task manager behind the software.

Surveys have shown that most B2B and SaaS sales organisations do little to no prioritization. And one of the reasons is that it is barely possible with the unmanageably large pool of deals in the pipeline. As a result, most deals are processed in the order they land in the mailbox or are listed next on the calendar. Agile sales processes look different!

On the other hand, when Sales Reps know what deals they should focus on next, they celebrate more successes and are happier. Tools such as the AI Guided Selling software's Deal Manager provide the proper prioritisation of tasks in an automated way.

Give Your B2B Sales Team a Clear Plan for Tremendous Success

Does your B2B and SaaS sales team also feel overwhelmed by the data in your CRM, reducing sales team satisfaction? The lack of a clear, most important-focused presentation of sales data prevents many sales teams from seeing what needs to be done to move forward on the most critical deals as quickly as possible. In the long run, this has a negative impact on the success and, therefore, on the satisfaction of each individual sales rep.

However, by providing your B2B and SaaS sales team with helpful data visualization, you'll always understand what needs more focus. With the AI Guided Selling software's Deal Manager, your sales reps can watch out for the deal metrics that matter most to them.

In addition, the software shows your sales reps real-time updates on which activities are the right ones to take next to make a step forward in your critical sales cycles quickly. Planned action boosts confidence. With AI-powered evaluations as input, your sales team will appear much more confident to potential customers—the consequences: Higher close rates and more sales team satisfaction.

Promote Your Sales Team and Create Ideal Conditions

A fundamental prerequisite for sales team satisfaction is to confidently call on one's own potential under optimal conditions. Especially in the SaaS area, expert and niche knowledge is often necessary. What specific challenges do your potential customers face? And how can they be solved or improved with your product?

Sales employees who have the most precise insights into the needs of their customers, for example, through their own industry experience, provide more expert support and close more deals. The AI Guided Selling software evaluations show you which verticals your sales staff are best placed in.

In which areas does your sales staff still need support? Especially with young talents, training and education is not the end of the line after onboarding. To identify training needs, you as a sales manager need to find out where your deals are not progressing smoothly. The AI-powered solution identifies patterns and processes in your sales process that can be optimised.

Are you ready to maximize sales team satisfaction in your B2B and SaaS sales overnight with AI Guided Selling software?

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