Sales Activity Tracking

Discover Opportunities for Strategic Optimization of Your Sales Operation

Do you know which processes your SaaS and B2B sales team use to generate the most revenue and where resources are going to waste? Sales Activity Tracking tracks and analyzes every customer interaction in your SaaS and B2B sales operation and provides a data-driven basis for optimal sales scalability.

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Why you need this feature

Identify Weak Points in Your SaaS and B2B Sales

During which stages within the sales process could your sales team members use support? Where do deals often get stuck in the sales cycle?

Optimized for the SaaS and B2B industry, the Sales Activity Tracking feature helps pinpoint all sales processes with potential for optimization. Sales managers gain insight into which sales activities and structures are not yet optimally contributing to sales goals.

Not every sales team is perfect. Maybe sales reps are spending more time on deals with a low probability of winning? Or do reps simply neglect to follow up with prospects in a timely manner at key moments throughout the engagement? Leaders need to first identify areas with room for improvement such as these prior to enacting concrete measures.

Boost your sales team's performance with data-driven analytics that track sales activity and save valuable time and energy. Sales Activity Tracking ensures of all of your SaaS and B2B sales resources are being optimally utilized on precisely the deals that matter most to achieving your goals.

Highlight Sales Strengths with Sales Activity Tracking

Do you know which of your sales team’s activities lead to higher closing rates? Or for which types of deals your sales team achieves above-average closing rates?

Sales Activity Tracking helps highlight these strengths for you and your entire team. The AI-based software solution analyzes which activities are the right ones to engage in at which time in order to close as many deals as quickly as possible.

The Sales Activity Tracker analyzes each deal in the pipeline individually. This process identifies discrepancies so sales reps know if and which deals need more attention. Sales activities for different deals may also just follow different metrics that require strategy adjustment.

By tracking sales processes with Sales Activity Tracking, you can see how individual components of your sales cycles and deals impact the totality of your sales. With this data-driven evaluation, you can see what kind of deals you should be filling your pipeline with more in the future.

Position Your Sales Team for Success with Sales Activity Tracking

Are individual members of your sales team currently positioned in the role best suited to them? Once you’ve identified where sales reps can maximize their potential, you have the opportunity to promote individual strengths.

Here’s an example. In order to ensure your SaaS and B2B sales team is working as efficiently as possible, it's important that all reps are in their optimal vertical. Sales Activity Tracking reveals when a sales rep is more successful in one sales team than in another.

Sales Activity Tracking analyses can also show whether your sales team is closing fewer deals with demos than they previously thought. With this knowledge, you can then decide whether to hold extra training sessions to better position your team for success.

Make tailored adjustments to existing sales structures based on AI evaluations so that success becomes the new norm. This ensures sales managers not only increase sales, but also the satisfaction of their sales team.

Make a Data-driven Case For Change

The Sales Activity Tracking feature’s AI analyses help you develop an in-depth understanding of structures which are in need of improvement. This enables you to make well-founded decisions on how to optimize your sales operation without having to rely solely on gut feeling.

Through observation of every deal and all sales activities, sales managers gain a thorough understanding of how individual sales processes impact overall performance. This allows them to realistically set new goals - and they already have a roadmap in their pocket on how to achieve them.

Data-driven analysis provides a solid basis for assessing sales opportunities in concrete terms and as accurately as possible. Knowing which processes promise the greatest possible growth will make it all the more easier for you to say goodbye to outdated structures or to strategically adapt them.

The Sales Activity Tracker guarantees a data-based, automated control function that monitors how adjustments affect sales in the short and long term. This means you’ll always have a data-driven overview of how certain optimizations are affecting current progress towards achieving particular goals within your SaaS and B2B sales operation.

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