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AI Sales Forecasting delivers reliable automated sales revenue projections based on data-driven analytics.

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Revenue Projections You Can Trust With AI Sales Forecasting

How certain are you that you will reach your annual sales targets this year? For most B2B sales organizations, sales forecasts are still made largely based on sales managers’ gut feelings. By year’s end at the latest, sales managers then face the unpleasant task of presenting worse figures than initially predicted for their sales team. Experience shows that realistic sales forecasts for complex sales processes are near to impossible without the aid of machine learning.

With AI Sales Forecasting, sales managers now have a valuable tool to reliably estimate expected sales revenue. And at the end of the year, they can also be confident that their forecast figures have actually been achieved.

The AI-powered software’s automated collection of data from your Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM forms the basis for accurate revenue forecast calculations in B2B and SaaS sales.

Maintain a Full Overview of Pipeline Health

Does your sales department lack reliable metrics for analyzing your pipeline health? With AI Sales Forecasting, you’re provided with reliable data in real time based on complex algorithms.

The sales forecast you can expect to see at the end of the year depends on many key figures in your sales pipeline. When forecasting your sales, AI continuously evaluates all relevant past and current data from your Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM - and all while constantly optimizing itself. AI Sales Forecasting provides you with a comprehensive overview of the most important key figures for your B2B or SaaS sales operation: What is the average transaction volume for each of your deals? What are the win probabilities of individual deals in the sales funnel? Are there enough deals in the pipeline for you to reach your annual target?

By evaluating historical conversion rates, AI calculates precise predictions to answer all these key questions and more. This helps you keep a constant watch on the Pipeline Health in order to reliably plan for its future growth.

Another advantage of Dealcode software: Individual sales reps can also see how their personal sales performance impacts sales forecasts at the end of each month.

AI Sales Forecasting Knows The Win Probabilities of Your Deals

Do you know how high the probability is that a certain deal in your pipeline will be won? Without AI-powered solutions like AI Sales Forecasting, it's almost impossible to reliably estimate even such elementary projection metrics.

One reason for this is the sheer number of sales processes, all of which are subject to different conditions. Factors within the sales processes themselves are also difficult for sales managers to keep track of, such as the number and type of sales activities that have already taken place. In addition, market-relevant data also plays a major role. This data is incorporated into Dealcode's AI analyses with the help of business and market intelligence approaches.

AI Sales Forecasting for Hubspot and Pipedrive helps your B2B sales team keep a constant watch on win probabilities for each deal in your pipeline.

Precise Forecasts via Individual Risk Level Calculation For Each Deal

Are you familiar with the "risk level" of your deals? The risk level is a key figure which indicates the degree to which the closing of a deal is at risk.

Risk level together with win probability are both essential factors for calculating forecasted sales revenue. However, these components haven’t previously been taken into account in software-based sales forecasting until now. Dealcode's AI Sales Forecasting calculates the risk level for each deal in the sales funnel and incorporates this factor into the sales forecast. Since the risk level is subject to rapid change due to various factors - both inside and outside the sales process - it is constantly recalculated and updated.

Take your sales planning to the next level and enable reliable revenue predictability with AI Sales Forecasting.

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