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Is your sales team ready for Sales 4.0? AI Sales Analytics equips your entire B2B sales team with powerful analytics and delivers data-driven insights for optimal conversion rates and maximum success.

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AI Sales Analytics Visualizes Potential for Success

AI Sales Analytics simplifies the process of recording sales activities in your Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM. In the software’s dashboard, sales reps can create To-Do's, such as sending an email, with just one click. Upon creation, the tasks are then transferred directly into the CRM. This gives your sales reps more time to focus on what's important and ensures that all key activities in the sales cycle are documented.

AI documents all important key figures for your sales operation in a comprehensive and structured way. AI analytics provides you with data-driven insights into your sales activities — at a level of detail only possible with machine learning. Only with AI analytics do many sales teams fully understand what contributes to a successful business, where the largest sources of revenue are in the pipeline and where deals are most often lost in the sales funnel.

Only when you know exactly where the greatest potential for success lies in your company can you make the most out of your B2B sales efforts.

Data-driven Selling With AI Sales Analytics

Does your sales team feel overwhelmed by the lack of structured data visualization of data in Hubspot and Pipedrive?

This is one primary reason why most salespeople still rely on their gut feeling when making key sales decisions.

AI Sales Analytics makes intuitive selling a thing of the past.

Geared towards providing solutions to everyday challenges of SaaS and B2B sales, the software shows only the key figures relevant to your sales team’s deals - clearly structured, visualized and updated in real time.

This way, your sales team always has all the information they need to determine which step is the right one to take next. Welcome to data-driven selling of Sales 4.0!

Strategically Guide Your Team Towards Peak Performance

With AI Sales Analytics, you no longer leave your sales success up to chance.

Instead, you can use AI to guide your sales team to the right activities at the right time.

Do you always have an eye on which salespeople need additional support and which deals have stalled the sales process? AI Sales Analytics' data-driven analyses helps you keep watch on pipeline health and your reps' performance. Maintaining a bird's eye view of your sales pipeline helps to enable leaders to strategically navigate sales reps to peak performance with data.

In addition, the AI alert function notifies you when important deals are in danger of being lost. With the AI-powered software’s evaluations, you have a data-driven decision-making tool to quickly take the right action for any challenge in the sales process - before it's too late and you miss out on the best deals.

Scale Sales Through Proper Prioritization

Stop chasing mediocre to bad deals that will probably never pan out anyway - for example, because they have a very low probability of winning. Instead, reroute your resources to the most urgent deals, or your "deals to watch". AI Sales Analytics provides you with the means for optimal prioritization so you get the best out of your sales team and turn actionable insights into maximum revenue.

Are your salespeople always making the right decisions to move forward as quickly as possible in key sales processes? AI-powered software identifies critical moments in the sales cycle where deals can quickly be won or lost. For example, a critical moment is when the number of activities is too low for the current age of a deal in the pipeline.

With the help of AI analyses, your sales team will notice as soon as business deviates from the optimal sales path and be able to quickly identify key opportunities to close deals. Based on the AI analyses, you focus only on the most important activities.

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