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Finally, Leverage the Full Potential of your Sales Data with AI CRM Automation

How efficiently have you strategically used your B2B and SaaS sales data to drive more revenue? With AI-Powered CRM Automation, you can quickly transfer deal, activity, and contact information into your CRM and benefit from AI-powered analytics that helps your sales team close more deals.

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Don't Let The Potential of Your B2B and SaaS Sales Data Go Unrealized Any Longer

Does your sales team also sometimes feel overwhelmed with the data in CRM? Whether you rely on Hubspot, Pipedrive, or another CRM for your B2B and SaaS sales: The overview of sales data in standard CRM systems has been one thing above all: time-consuming and confusing.

Surveys of German B2B sales teams from the SaaS industry have shown that sales teams feel overwhelmed by how data is displayed in the CRM. As a result, valuable data about potential customers can only be used inadequately or not to derive strategically intelligent decisions.

To increase your sales success with data from sales processes, agile sales teams, therefore, increasingly rely on AI CRM Automation. CRM Automation is part of Dealcode's AI Guided Selling software. This can be easily linked to your Pipedrive or Hubspot CRM.

Start Using Your Data Strategically With AI-Powered CRM Automation Today

Using the interface to the CRM system, AI CRM Automation documents information about the deals, activities and contacts. Among them, for example:

  • Deal volumes
  • Sales activity to date, and
  • The length of sales cycles

The AI Guided Selling software behind AI CRM Automation immediately pulls all this data into its AI-based calculations. It then derives other metrics that provide your sales team with specific recommendations to move forward on your most important deals. For example:

  • Risk Level: The Risk Level indicates how much a deal is to close at risk. If it rises, salespeople know immediately that it's time to act quickly. Or to neglect the deal to conserve resources.
  • Deals at Risk: Which deals are at risk of being lost because the activity mix and level are incorrect? Corresponding deals are marked as "Deals at Risk" by CRM Automation and are thus visible to sales teams.
  • Profit probability: Depending on other key figures, sales staff can use the profit probability of a deal to decide whether it is worth pushing ahead with the sales process or whether resources are better invested in other businesses.

In short, your data becomes strategically valuable with AI-powered CRM automation.

Give Your Sales Reps an Overview of Your Deals

With AI-Powered CRM Automation, sales teams are no longer slain by confusing big data. Instead, the AI-powered software visualizes the most important parameters of your deals.

The data is presented to your sales team in the Deal Manager, the sales rep dashboard of AI Guided Selling software. The Deal Manager is specifically designed to meet the needs of B2B and SaaS sales and makes the essentials visible to sales staff at a glance.

In addition, filter functions help to get a quick overview of exactly the relevant data to make the next right decision at the respective moment with the AI Guided Selling Software.

Increase Your Sales With AI CRM Automation

In the complex day-to-day B2B and SaaS sales environment, does your sales team always manage to keep an eye on the most important deals? AI-powered tools like AI-based CRM Automation can provide structure to deal with chaos.

How? Dealcode’s software shows in real-time which deals should be focused on strategically maximizing revenue. Namely, in addition to the deal metrics mentioned above, the software determines which "deals to watch" are in your sales pipeline.

These are precisely the deals your sales team should prioritize keeping an eye on. AI-Powered CRM Automation keeps recalculating them - depending on your business goals. Are you ready to make the "deals to watch" visible in your sales funnel?

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