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We are Dealcode and #weHackSales

We are co-creators of the next big sales tech era called AI Guided Selling Software

With our unique solution, we enable sales teams to multiply revenue with stable resources. To grow our B2B SaaS customer base and become an internationally desired sales professional product, we are now looking for visionary partners.

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“The demand for AI-based sales apps and platforms is extremely high”

"Most organizations have begun to invest in AI to guide their sales representatives"

Erik Barber
Designer at Marco Interactive
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"Sales Leaders should adopt AI-Based Guided Selling"

Erik Barber
Designer at Marco Interactive
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"Traditional sales process methodology and technology have proved to be limited"

Erik Barber
Designer at Marco Interactive
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What problem are you solving?

Scaling a sales team in a world with rapidly increasing screen time, salespeople need to manage their process in perfection. In a growing market with a growing number of prospects, this is no longer happen. Overhead increases, sales efficiency decreases. Businesses run the risk of losing orientation and pace. Being guided is essential for fast growing sales teams. Since this is not possible manually due to the quantity of leads, we deliver the GPS for the sales reps and the corresponding tracking for the sales leaders.

What solution do you offer?

Like a navigation app for sales, we successfully navigate B2B salespeople to success and allow companies to achieve real, measurable results in sales conversion and revenue growth. Using Dealcode feels like the sales team is running on autopilot. By using machine learning, we identify patterns that calculate the ideal way to win a deal. Just like Google Maps monitors live route changes and informs you of the next turn or detour, Dealcode provides signals to sales teams to be proactive and identify risks impacting their pipeline and deals before it's too late.

How do you solve it technically?

We  bring value to swaths of CRM data, allowing sales reps to constantly hone their skills and win more deals. Integrated with industry-leading CRM systems, we help to visualize CRM data in a conversion-driven way for each user using artificial intelligence to identify success patterns and make sales workflows as effective as possible. Based on hundreds or thousands of lost and won deals from the past, our AI models are able to determine the ideal paths for upcoming deals. And since every employee and every customer is different, we don't provide the way to success according to a general formula, but individually for each lead and sales rep.

What are the advantages for your clients?

With Dealcode, B2B companies are able to increase their sales by up to 20% with their existing sales team. Sales leaders get 30%-40% better forecast accuracy and are able to better plan resources and growth. In addition, employee satisfaction increases, which in turn reduces employee turnover costs.

Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourselves?

Dealcode is co-creator of a new category of sales technology - AI Guided Selling Software. This term is currently making its way into the major US tech media. As the world’s first tool our AI classifies deals into several categories according to multidimensional attributes to determine the winning formula. This sets us apart from all solutions available on the market, which only analyze one dimension (e.g. phone calls). Currently, there is only one other solution provider in the world that also focuses on AI Guided Selling: Revenue Grid. However, they focus exclusively on Salesforce (Dealcode is platform-agnostic) and they are US-based, which is a concern for European customers (data privacy).

How big is the market you are addressing?

As an add-on to existing CRM systems, we address the largest software market in the world. Almost every company today uses a CRM - but 90% exclusively for data recording. We make B2B companies data-driven. We want to win 0.5% of the CRM customers of the 10 largest CRM providers as customers by 2027. Here we calculate a price of $55 per user per month. This would give us 4,500 customers in 5 years and an ARR of $44.6 million.

How do you want to earn money with your product?

Dealdode is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. That means we sell the product for license fees, paid annually. The product will cost approximately $40 to $100 per user per month. Right now we expect to charge an average price of $55 per user per month.

How do you plan to attract and retain your first customers?

We have already been able to attract the first clients for the product. The problem we solve is known to every sales leader, which is why we see a very high demand for our solution. We gained our first clients through open beta testing, for which we in turn receive user feedback.  In addition, we are already generating inquiries through our website. In 2022 we will build our sales team.

What is your market entry strategy?

First of all, we will address the target market of B2B SaaS companies in Europe that need to scale, as this is the industry we come from. Our value proposition for these customers is to win more deals faster with a multidimensional, AI-driven sales technology that can be easily integrated with their existing CRM system. To convert the first B2B SaaS companies into free trials and then into loyal customers, we will use a marketing mix of content strategy, performance advertising and organic traffic.

What is your current status? What are the next steps?

We have already acquired our first clients, are receiving valuable feedback, and will already be generating a six-digit revenue in 2021. Our goal is to develop the product further as quickly as possible and make it available to as many clients as possible. In early 2023, we aim to achieve € 1 million ARR with 40-60 customers. To do this, we need to expand the development team first and foremost. This is an investment for which we need venture capital. At the beginning of 2022, we will start sales, which will also incur costs in the beginning.

Who are you and why are you the right people for this project?

We - Alexander (CEO) and Dennis (COO) - are the co-founders of Dealcode. We have been working together with passion for 9 years. Both of us joined a Hamburg-based SaaS company called Facelift right at the beginning. Joining a startup that early gave us the opportunity to learn how to build and scale a SaaS startup from scratch. Being involved in all aspects of building the company, being part of 2 founding rounds and later taking on key strategic roles further shaped our knowledge of scaling a software business.

Is your team complete and what skills do you have?

We are an up and running team with all necessary skills. Currently, we work with about 15 talents, some as permanent employees and some as freelancers. In addition to our lead SaaS architect, who is part of the management team, we have on board PhD AI specialists, software developers with years of professional experience and communication specialists. The list of previous employers ranges from large tech companies like AirBnb, Facebook and Xing, to SaaS providers like Facelift, food delivery startups and venture capital funds.
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