Dealcode AI Guided Selling Software

Who will be Your next client?

Are you sure you always focus sales activities on the most important deals? Do you know 100% what influenced your recent deal?

We bring back the focus to your sales activities. Our value proposition: Spend less time on business that will never happen and win more deals faster.

Get rid of gut feeling now, it's free


There are deals that are as good as won and firmly scheduled for the bottom line. On the other hand, there are deals that are strategic to your business. In both cases, you don't want deals to be lost, and you want to be alerted immediately when a deal is at risk.

Dealcode shows you the most important deals to keep an eye on and the top deals at risk, so you can devote your full attention and resources to the deals that matter most to you.

Stop selling to the wrong Clients

Actually, your CRM knows more than you might be aware of. The problem: It won't tell you. That's why Dealcode analyzes your CRM and identifies success patterns in your sales process.

Did you know that 40% of sales activities end in dead-end roads, which means you spend your time on deals that will never happen? Dealcode will change that and will tell you which activities you should focus on and which activities are a waste of time.

Start selling with GPS

Do you ever wonder what your colleagues do differently? At the end of the month you see the results: You sold less but worked harder?

The secret may lie in the fact that your colleagues have taken the better path to close deals. In a time when people are using Google Maps for even the shortest distance, you should also trust in guidance for sales.

With our guided selling approach you will always find the best and shortest route to your next deal destination.

The better the well-being, the higher the performance

Do you know the impact of well-being on sales performance? Everyone has a bad day sometimes. But when trends start to emerge and the well-being of the entire team suffers, it's important to notice in real time. With Dealcode, you'll always have an eye on the overall sales mood and can take immediate action when dark clouds appear on the horizon.

Do you know the real value of your sales pipeline?

Sales forecasts usually consist of 99% gut feeling and the hope of winning a deal. This misleads sales reps and leaves sales managers with uncertain future plans.

With Dealcode, your pipeline finally gets a true data-driven assessment. So you can predict upcoming sales with high accuracy and see what actions are needed in terms of pipeline building, activities and deal closings. Dealcode enables you to ensure that your actual and projected revenue will match up.


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